Trip to Budapest, Hungary (June 2016)


I wanted to begin blogging with a post about Budapest as it holds a special place in my heart – it was here that we had “the chat” and became officially boyfriend & girlfriend AWWWWW.



Flashback to June 2016 – I was very stressed out at work, Sean & I were seeing each other but only our close friends knew about it. He had the amazing idea of going away for the weekend to escape it all. We both asked our managers for a Friday off work, and looked for “Anywhere” on SkyScanner showing the cheapest flights available on the dates we’d chosen.



Budapest caught our eye and fast forward a bottle of Cava later – flights were booked and so was Buddha Bar hotel which was higher than our initial budget, all thanks to the Cava. However, due to Budapest being SO CHEAP, we managed to spend way less than we would if we booked this hotel somewhere else as it was absolutely lovely. The decor of the hotel is unsurprisingly buddha themed – huge ceilings with a fantastic restaurant that we ate at one night. Unfortunately the hotel is closing in January 2019, but hoping someone buys it out and keeps the great theme and service going.



Here’s me chilling in the hotel’s zen garden, and a photo of the giant buddha in the restaurant. These pics make me very excited for all the temples we will get to explore next year…





We spent our first afternoon pottering round the city getting our bearings, seeing the amazing architecture and browsing the shops before a pint of beer by the river (£1 a pint might I add!) 





The highlight of the trip for me was a sunset cruise down the River Danube. We had booked this time slot on a complete fluke just thinking it would be a nice thing to do after dinner. We rode one way down the river in daylight and back the other way with the sun setting, it was absolutely gorgeous. (No, he didn’t ask me the GF question at this point – we will get there!)



We totally loved the ruin bars there – so much so that we went to the same one for two nights! It’s hard to explain what they are like without making them sound bad – it’s basically a hidden away spot with crazy decor almost like an abandoned building. It’s like they have raided a charity shop but made it super cool! Seeing is believing with these I’m afraid… 




After a late night in the ruin bar we were grateful to have booked a spa day at Rudas Baths. A day of totally chilling out (woops just contradicted my entire About Me page – but so worth it!) 


There were indoor facilities including two swimming pools and several thermal baths of different temperatures. Outside there was a hot tub which overlooked the river – sooooo pretty! Our package included a healthy lunch which was much needed after the night before. We definitely made the right choice to go here rather than the outdoor baths as it rained all afternoon. 



So on the final night back in the ruin bar it was apparently when I was posing in this hairdresser chair that he decided he was going to ask the question to go official. And of course I said yes 🙂 


Had this not happened, my plan was to bring up the “so what are we…?” question on the plane home so he had nowhere to run and had to answer! 



We had a late afternoon flight on the Sunday so were able to explore Margaret Island on our final day. We hired this egg bike and cycled around the park which was a really great way to see it (and a pretty good workout if one of us stopped pulling our weight on the peddling!)  



There is also a huge fountain there that plays in time to music each hour – of course Budapest by George Ezra was my favourite bit of this. 



So then came the reality of being back at work on Monday where we had to tell our managers that we were a couple, and fill out “THE FORM”. This included questions such as “how will their relationship affect the morale of others at work?” Well since then I haven’t had to throw coffee at him, so I think it was the right decision for us to have been signed off as allowed to be in a relationship 🙂 


Thanks for reading – next week I’ll begin a series of blogs about our amazing roadtrip across California and Vegas! 


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