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With 49 recognised UN states, Asia is comfortably the world’s largest and most diverse continent. It contains the two most populated countries (China and India), and the population of Asia’s countries accounts for 60% of the world population (over 4.5bn people).

With a rich and often troubled history, countries vary greatly across the region with many different religious groups and cultures. It is therefore crucial that travellers research and respect the local practices.

As a result of the vastness of the region, it would take many years to explore each corner of the continent. Even in the Instagram & YouTube age of travel, there are still many off the beaten track gems to discover and these are often the highlight of travellers trips to Asia.

Popular destinations include the wealthy countries of China, Japan, Singapore & the special administrative region of Hong Kong. Southeast Asia also has a well-defined travel path, with young backpackers from all over the world descending on destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Indonesia as part of a long term travel trip. The popularity is mostly due to travel in the region being extremely budget friendly and accessible, as well as the benefits of a warm (if sometimes wet) climate all year round.

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e.g. Southeast Asia, well established backpacker route
East Asia, expensive countries

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